Sunday, February 18, 2018

Victims (1985)

"Victims" is a completely standard 'rape/revenge' flick in pretty much every sense, but doesn't disappoint if mean-spirited misogyny is what you're after.

Four bimbos are out on a desert camping trip when a pair of criminal creepos show up and start tormenting and defiling them...

Much of the lead-in to the movie (after an oddly - yet enjoyably - gory opening...) is pretty drawn out and the ending is really muddled - due mainly to mostly unintelligible sound recording (this movie as a whole is poorly made). The crux of the film, however, is aptly sleazy and nasty - for instance, two girls are forced to strip at gun point and perform oral sex on each other. The aggressors are sold on the notion that these girls were 'asking for it', thus deserve what they're getting which lends to this flick's comparatively harsh tone. It's nothing great, but those looking into obscure 'exploit' material may wanna give it a look.

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