Monday, February 19, 2018

Naked Massacre (1976)

"Naked Massacre" is a pretty average Euro-'exploitation' flick, based on the real life Richard Speck murders. Not a bad watch, by any means, but there's nothing all that special about it.

A Vietnam vet is bumming around Ireland, broke and trying to make his way home to the U.S. when he catches sight of a house full of young nurses. His overwhelming hatred for the female kind - compounded by general insanity - prompts him to break into the house and hold the 8 women captive for the night; torturing, debasing and murdering them one-by-one.

The 'feel' of this one IS downright sleazy and dirty with a good amount of female degradation and mean-spiritedness. A particular scene involving an aging, haggard prostitute being forced to dance to a harmonica is actually pretty funny (in a sorta fucked up kinda way) and the war-torn setting added some nice character to the film. The major drawback with the movie, however, is just the lack of on-screen violence. Much of the movie is way too tame and uneventful as we don't really get to see a whole lot of what's going on when the dude selects a victim. Still, I gotta give "Naked Massacre" a moderate recommendation for sleaze-hounds. It's no "Maniac", but it's worth a look.

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