Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rope and Breasts (1983)

Not a bad 'pinku-eiga' outing, though a little on the 'subdued' side for my liking; "Rope and Breasts" is a bit more sexy and story-driven than relying on a lot of violent sleaze.

A dysfunctional married couple perform in a traveling S&M show. They eventually land a private gig with another kinky couple who end up taking things a bit too far...

The opening scene and bondage-dungeon climax are heavy on the masochism and sex (complete with whippings, beatings, water-wheel torture, vag-shaving, enemas, ropes and pulleys, etc.) while much of the in between is the couple searching for their next paid performance and fighting. Nikkatsu SM goddess, Nami Matsukawa ("Slave Contract"), is incredibly sexy and keeps the arousal factor high in this one. In all, not the most memorable 'pinku' entry out there, but has a solid story execution and some fairly strong scenes of what the title suggests.

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