Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things (1971)

I'm not entirely sure how to tackle this one. We're talkin' some real oddball 'grindhouse', homo-hippie, crime/comedy/horror mash-up shit that I'm not even sure how to go about rating.

Having pulled off some murder/robbery in Baltimore, two criminals are holed up in a suburban Miami house with their stashed box of stolen jewellery. The one guy's 'cover' is dressing in drag and acting as the other guy's aunt. Their relationship seems to mainly involving the one - clearly more immature guy  getting bawled out like an unruly child for hanging out with doped up hippies and him panicking whenever a chick tries to get his pants off. This usually prompts "Aunt Martha" to murder these girls out of jealousy. The 'arc' kicks in when a junkie rents out a room in their house and starts nosing around for the stolen loot.

"Sometimes Aunt Martha..." is a goofy and mildly entertaining slice of '70s drive-in trash-cinema that could almost pass as a scaled back and sedated early John Waters film with a much more subdued and unconvincing transvestite lead. The relationship between the main characters almost has a sit-com vibe at times or some kind of dark, LSD-fueled remake of "Some Like It Hot". There's also clearly a gay subtext to the film; as these guys are shown to sleep in the same bed (though nothing else is 'explored' as far as that) and one guy angrily de-pantses and nuzzles the other during the films big 'climax' which seemed pretty 'open-and-shut' as far as I'm concerned. There's also an weird portion of the movie dedicated to the C-sectioning of an infant from a dead woman. In closing, this is a strange flick that I can't go so far as to recommend unless you find yourself in a particularly 'open' state-of-mind and are down for 'acid trip'-style flicks of this time period. I'd say it's worth a laugh just for how strange it is.

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