Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Metalhead (2013)

"Metalhead" is a film I've been interested in checking out for a while, seeing as how I'm a metal fan, myself, and it's cool coming across movies featuring characters and story-lines surrounding this genre.Unfortunately, I wasn't all that impressed with this one. "Metalhead" IS a well shot and acted coming-of-age film, though it totally - and inexcusably - falls apart somewhere around the midway point.

Since witnessing the tragic death of her brother, a teenage Icelandic farm girl adopts her deceased sibling's love for metal, which has made her a pariah within her tiny religious community. She combats her unaccepting environment by acting out - such as playing loud metal over the intercom at work, slam-dancing at a town social and drunkenly hijacking neighbors' tractors. Her pudgy, sort-of boyfriend, whose tastes come nowhere near hers, isn't quite rocking her world and she eventually develops a crush on the new young priest after finding out he's a genuine metal fanatic. When he shoots down her advances, however, this prompts her to commit a much larger and more severe act of rebellion; fashioned after a budding genre she recently discovered: black metal.

It may come down to personal preference, but this movie takes a turn around the start of the third act that I found to be a major cop-out and incredibly cornball. The outcome of this film is just so damn 'warm and fuzzy' and jovial all of a sudden that I was almost certain I had been duped into watching an After School Special. I hate to come across like a grump who hates upbeat endings - however, "Metalhead" nose dives into such an implausible, out-of-left-field finale that really packs NO punch, whatsoever. That said, the cinematography and performances are solid. Had it not been for the weak final portion of the film, I'd be giving this one a moderate rec. Hate to say - this one's a disappointment.

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