Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dead Girl Walking (2004)

The second film in the "Hideshi Hino's Theater of Horror" series is incredibly solid - topping the previous entry, "The Boy from Hell".

This one follows a teenage girl whose heart suddenly stops one day, however, she still functions, much to the shock and confusion of her family. As time goes on and her body begins decomposing, her parents and younger sister become frustrated with the smell and sight of her and go about methods of putting her down for good - such as, injecting her with formaldehyde (which doesn't work) and setting her on fire, which motivates her to flee and take to the streets. There, she's eventually picked up by some sort of circus ringleader who uses her to entertain and disgust a room full of businessmen. Following this bizarre ordeal, she has a final 'showdown' with her maniacal parents who are still adamant on destroying her.

"Dead Girl Walking" has an eerily 'surreal', dream-like quality that suites the premise well. There's a pretty sad, downbeat mood that carries the film, as well as some properly nasty moments (a scene where her asshole pretty much falls out was definitely a nice touch...) - making for an effective watch. The final few minutes go full-blown 'artsy', but it gels well with the overall tone of the film, I thought. Highly recommended. A good, quick watch.

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