Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Salon Kitty (1976, Tinto Brass)

"Salon Kitty" is based on an up-scale brothel by that name, located in Berlin during WWII that was taken over by SS intelligence for the purpose of gaining secretly disclosed information from clients. They rigged the place with hidden microphones and a set up a recording room tucked away in the back. They forced a bunch of Berlin whores to act as agents and coerce secrets from the horny elite that strolled in there for a 'good time'. This movie takes a 70s 'sexploitation' look at this historical flimflam of sexual/political manipulation.

First and foremost - I must say, I was a bit taken aback by the anomalous way in which this Tinto Brass ("Caligula") 'nazisploit' representation halted a formidable exhibition of high-octane sleaze after a mere 30 minutes or so for some pretty upfront drama. For fuck's sake, I was tantalized relentlessly during the first act of this movie with wall-to-wall gratuity and bizarro-smut, such as a Nazi youth orgy, a hunchback midget sucking a girls tits, a legless guy getting his amputated cock-stump rode by some slut...

Not to say the movie completely loses sight of it's filth-factor all together, but it definitely weakens a bit once Madame Kitty is commanded to close up shop and that hooker/soldier love story kicks in. I always welcome good storyline - even in the midst of, what is looking to be, quality sleaze - and I wouldn't say that this film failed in terms of it's general plot, though it IS quite disjointed, dull and really drags the whole middle section of the film down.

Still, like I said, "Salon Kitty" certainly dishes out some rather "classic" moments, like a fat man projecting film-reel images of a Hitler speech against one of the prostitutes while he makes her hold a dick-shaped pastry between her legs so he can suck on it crazily before she goes ape-shit for some reason. There's also a few strange musical numbers thrown in, all of which star Kitty except for one which is a ridiculously long dance done by some queers flashing their cocks from under the dresses they're happily wearing... This scene is, like, WAY too fucking long.

So overall, "Salon Kitty" is a little chinsy with the "fucked uppedness" once you get to a certain point much too early on, but it's still a decent film. Just don't be expecting "Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS" or "Last Orgy of the Third Reich" -type shit. This one is a little more 'dramatic' but should quench your need for nutty, sex-filled material.

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