Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eugenie De Sade (1974, Jess Franco)

Like I've stated in a few past reviews for his films, I am nowhere near a Jess Franco expert, but I would safely say that "Eugenie De Sade" is the finest I've seen from the Spanish film-maker's extensive body of work. This would rank high on the rather diminutive list of Franco-directed 'exploit' films I've seen - right up there with "Sadomania".

A beautiful young girl who was raised by her erotic literature-enthusiast stepdad begins blossoming into a VERY horny young woman. She dips into Daddy's sex-books and keeps offering him up less-than-subtle hints that she wants to fuck until he finally decides to acknowledge her flirtatious advances. Thing is, he's got OTHER ideas pertaining to the sexual growth and exploration of his horned up young stepdaughter... Such as killing naked broads. So that's what they do. First, with a model who's willing to play along with a sadistic-themed photo shoot, then a lascivious blond hitch-hiker... Shit gets ugly when they decide to lure a male trumpet player to his demise and the stepdaughter falls in the love with him - thus, enraging Daddy...

First off, out of all the other films Franco made with Soledad Miranda back in 1970, "Eugenie De Sade" is, by far, the best. Much less vapid than "She Killed in Ecstasy" and "Vampiros Lesbos", if you ask me. This one moves along at a nice pace, the characters are pretty well defined and, of course, copious amounts nudity! The lovely Soledad Miranda sheds her threads in nearly every scene - bearing that massive thicket of 70s bush and even engaging in a nice little striptease at one point. I guess my only complaint would be in the death scenes. There are only a few, but they're exceptionally weak - most notably, the chick suffocating under a thin handkerchief. That was just dumb. If you dig Jess Franco's 'erotic' brand of film, than I'd definitely recommend checking out "Eugenie".

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