Thursday, January 31, 2013

Daydream (1981, Tetsuji Takechi)

Finding it hard to come up with the proper words to assess a film like "Daydream". It's really a strange medley of genre's, ranging from pinku-eiga, to 'arthouse' surrealism, to hardcore porn, as well as containing some more familiar horror elements. The plot really jumps around crazily and my version didn't come with any English subs, although the dialog is pretty minimal so I didn't have to struggle too bad with figuring out what was going on...

A young man and woman - both strangers - go into a dentist's office together. He passes out due to the anesthesia and has a series of bizarre and perverse dreams involving the chick being pursued and sexually brutalized by the dentist, who happens to be a vampire.

The sleaze-factor is pretty steadfast here and occasionally entertaining. When this chick gets naked, she STAYS naked - getting hog-tied and beaten, going through a soapy car wash, sneaking out of a hotel lobby and trying to run up the "down" side of a department store escalator to escape the rapey Japanese equivalent to Dracula. All nekkid! Good shit. There's also quite a few 'hardcore' scenes thrown into the mix, which was nice change-of-pace considering Japan is and was (especially back in "the day") very strict on uncensored sex. However, most of these segments weren't very arousing...

"Day Dream" isn't anything spectacular - just sort of a sleazy hodgepodge of artful porn and pinku influence with a erotic vampire annexation for good measure. At the very least, it's an interesting 'arthouse' flick with some decent production value and plenty of weirdness. Worth a look for fans of Jap-smut.

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