Tuesday, January 15, 2013

100 Tears (2007, Marcus Koch)

While it's not the worst of it's kind I've ever seen, "100 Tears" isn't anything 'special' when it comes to ultra-independent splatter flicks. One thing I've always had trouble understanding is the thought process behind making a DIY horror film along exorbitantly cliche lines when you obviously have all the creative freedom in the world at your very finger tips. Unfortunately, where this movie excelled and took it's chances in the gore department, it concurrently slacked off when it came to 'plot' and originality...

A couple of tabloid reporters agree to stray from their faux-news bullshit and delve into a serious story for once by investigating a series of murders in the area, carried out by a former carnival clown with a huge meat cleaver. He starts off by slaughtering the residents of a halfway house, then proceeds to reunite with his psychotic daughter as the reporters seek the word of a carny dwarf who supplies the back story.

One thing "100 Tears" had going for it were the copiously over-the-top gore effects. Plenty of bloody dismemberments, decapitations, sprawled entrails, etc. Problem was, everything else revolving AROUND the death scenes was sloppy and slow moving. Plus, the whole 'climax' seemed pressed and enormously confused. Again, it's not the worst micro-budget slasher ever and the gore is piled on nicely, but it's pretty dull otherwise...

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