Saturday, January 5, 2013

Live Freaky Die Freaky (2006, John Roecker)

As flat out retarded as this is, I certainly got a mild kick out of it. Thankfully, my sense of humor is not adverse to constant dick jokes, especially when I'm in an alcohol laden state-of-mind.

"Live Freaky Die Freaky" goes over the Manson family murders, as acted out by puppets manipulated by poor stop-motion animation...

It's ungodly ridiculous, but very amusing at times. You get heaps of dialog involving cocks, gay sex, and retards. There's pregnant coke snorting, a severed head blowing his own severed penis, a musical number about strangling trees, etc, etc... I'd recommend poppin' this one in during your next party or beer swillin' event. Watching it alone is kind of a waste of time.

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