Friday, January 4, 2013

Funeral Home (1980, William Fruet)

This is one of the more 'tame' slasher films of the 80s. Nothing really NEW in terms of the ol' formula, though "Funeral Home" just skimps on the bloodshed and 'beeewbs'.

A teenage girl visits her grandma to help her turn her grandparent's old funeral home into a tourist bed and breakfast spot. The girl starts hearing granny mysteriously conversing with an unknown person in the basement and hears a few tidbits of how much of a sadistic prick her (supposedly) dead grandpa used to be. Of course, guests of their home begin disappearing and/or turning up dead and a local cop is trying to crack the case...

"Funeral Home" was one of those slasher films that I just never bothered to see, even in my adolescent years when I couldn't get enough of these types of body count flicks. During that time I may have enjoyed this one a bit more, but at this juncture in my film viewing, I just can't really get into these types of bloodless types of slashers. I will say, however, that this one has an alright mood at times and the pacing is decent. The ending REALLY was a "Psycho" knock-off, in the truest sense. Slasher completists may need to check out "Funeral Home", but don't expect a total GEM...

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