Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Geek (1971)

Most are, at least, familiar with this one just for how notoriously shitty it is;"The Geek" comes across as an educational film-turned porno and then everybody involved lost interest...

A group of horny hippies are in search of bigfoot evidence in between boning each other in the woods. Then the chicks are raped by bigfoot; a poorly choreographed, underwhelming fight ensues and... The End.

The majority of this - already short - film is spent on showing these people walking and setting up camp. Then we get into two 'hardcore' sex scenes which are unarousing and awkwardly shot (gotta chuckle at the guy, out of nowhere, confessing to wanting to fuck his sister!), before they remarkably happen upon Sasquatch for the big climactic showdown. As downright boring and inept as "The Geek" is, it's short enough (around 45 minutes) and just so ridiculous that it's well worth checking out for a laugh.

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