Sunday, March 4, 2018

Better Watch Out (2016)

There seems to have been a bit of an influx of Xmas-themed horror flicks in the past year or so with "Red Christmas" and "All Through the House". I was trying to get at as many as I could around the last holiday season, though I didn't end up getting to "Better Watch Out" until just recently. I found it to be fairly enjoyable despite some flaws.

A twelve-year-old boy and his hot babysitter - who he's desperate to 'hook up' with - are interrupted by an apparent home-invasion scenario...

...And, honestly, that's about as far as I feel I should go with my synopsis; seeing as how there's quite a heavy game-changing 'twist' very early on in this flick. I typically manage to avoid most info on films I may intend on seeing in the future, so I went into this one not knowing of what was to come so I think that definitely boosted the enjoyment factor for me. The darkly "Home Alone" 'vibe' is well delivered (that movie is directly referenced several times - along with a paint can booby trap scene with a more 'realistic' outcome) and the child leads pull it all off very well. The gore could've definitely been 'upped' in a few particular scenes, but, in all, "Better Watch Out" is a solid enough holiday horror film.

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