Saturday, March 10, 2018

Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead 2 (2013)

This was my introduction to the "Rape Zombie" series (of which, I guess, there are five installments...) and I'm far from impressed. Though, in all fairness, maybe it gets better as it goes on, but based on what I saw here, I have no interest in seeing any more.

Some kind of airborne sickness is causing men to turn into rape-happy zombies and the only way to stop one is to cut its balls off. If the zombies cum inside their victim, it's instantly fatal. The rest of the world has apparently gotten the epidemic under control except Japan so the U.S. sends over an indestructible female android to 'clean' things up while a married couple seek refuge in an all-woman research base, seeing as how the husband is completely non-infected. Meanwhile, there's a gang of only partially infected men - who are not zombies, but USE the zombies to rape/kill any surviving women they come across - are forming an uprising against Japanese women who they deem to be all 'snobs' and non-sexual.

Again, I came into the "Rape Zombie" saga a little late and the sequence of films seems to be pretty tightly linked together (they show clips of 'part 3' at the end), though, what I got out of this one was a bore-fest. Toward the beginning there's a few rape-zombie scenes (one of which - sporting a giant, spewing monster-cock...) and there's a bit of girl-on-girl stuff, but, overall, it's just poorly shot and dialog-heavy. The CGI green-screen backdrops are truly terrible, as is the overuse of that 'shaky-cam' style. I also didn't understand how a film with zombie rapists, big monster cocks and gratuitous female nudity had to 'bleep' words like "dick" and "pussy". Odd.

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