Thursday, March 15, 2018

Rusted Body: Guts of a Virgin 3 (1987)

"Rusted Body..." is the third entry in the "Guts of a Virgin" (aka. the "Entrails...") series, though, story-wise, it's a standalone flick with no real relation to its predecessors. It's also definitely a step down in comparison of quality, but it has its moments, I guess.

A gang of criminals - fronted by a pair of psycho lesbos - make their money by extorting people and their next 'mark' is a bank manager who is unfaithful to his wife and has embezzling quite a bit of cash (or yen). They kidnap him and his mistress and attempt to torture information out of them in order to gain access to his wealth...

There seems to be a bit more going on in this movie - something to do with an old inventor who hangs out with them and has a machine that people fuck on that transmits orgasms via... some kind of science. Not sure. Much of this movie is very muddled and hard to follow so I didn't find the premise, itself, all that 'gripping'. That said, there's a good amount of hot sex scenes and a particularly odd torture method involving eels and liquor. In all, I found "Rusted Body..." to be a pretty average - if not a bit of a boring - 'pinku' film. It was erotic and weird enough to hold my interest, but the first two films in the series are quite a bit better. And gorier! Only mildly recommended.

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