Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Werewolf and the Yeti (1975, Miguel Iglesias)

This is another one of those I can't understand being labeled a "Video Nasty", though I think many would concur that the VN list doesn't make any fucking sense anyway. So apart from that discomfiting detail, "The Werewolf and the Yeti" (aka. Night of the Howling Beast) is a relatively disjointed cluster-fuck 'exploitation' flick among a series of related Spanish werewolf films that I have not seen...

A couple of yeti-hunting explorers are attacked by a vicious, furry creature in the mountains of Tibet so a party heads out to look for them. One of the guys from earlier is seen trudging through the snow and stumbles across a pair of cave-dwelling cannibal-vampire-wolf-nymphs who get freaky and bite him - thus, transforming him into a lycanthrope during a full moon... The search party is eventually ambushed by a gang of bandits who like torturing people, so by the end there's a big-ass showdown between the surviving explorers and the bandits and "the wolfman" and a yeti...

I guess my main gripe with this one is that it just looks shitty. Terrible day-for-night shots and werewolf transformations that cheaply mimic the primitive effects utilized in the 1941 Lon Chaney Jr. classic as well as subsequent 'wolfy' films (stationary shot as they stick fur to a guy's face and fade between 'em). There's a little bit of nudity but not nearly enough to matter all that much and the gore was weak. Plus, there was just too much going on here and it kinda lost me at times. They should've just focused more on the werewolf/yeti and those cave-sluts. That would've kept my ass entertained. In all, this one is just forgettable.

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