Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Loved Ones (2009, Sean Byrne)

Intrinsically, "The Loved Ones" fits the 'torture flick (porn)' mold adeptly, though it still manages to come across as surprisingly fresh and sufficiently entertaining. It's a cool, gory, "Carrie"-esque Australian joint...

A teenage male cutter shoots down the nerdy girl's school dance invite so he can go with his hotter, sluttier girlfriend. The day before the dance, while he's climbing some rocks out of teenage angsty frustration, he is snatched up from behind by some dude with a Chloroform rag... He wakes up all bound and captive in the home of the girl he snubbed and her psychopathically coddling father, as well as some old bitch with a hole in he forehead. Daddy seems adamant on showing his little girl (whom he watches get dressed into her new gown with creepily incestuous eyes) a good time at the expense of her unwilling "date", whom they ruthlessly torment all night...

This is nothing great, by any means, though it's a fun, simple little torture film with some crazy, gruesome concepts and quirky characters. Power drills to the head, knives pounded through feet, forced urination. There WERE a few things that I didn't quite "get" aside from the initial kidnap/torture angle as the main focus which included the incidental scenes of a high school pot dealer taking the shy goth girl to the dance... Yeah, her brother was previously killed by the sadistic father/daughter killer duo and her cop father gets involved later, but it was still a pretty pointless and all too frequent 'sub-plot' tossed in there, I thought. Also, the trap door leading to a cellar full of cannibalistic savages was kinda outta nowhere and seemed unnecessary, though it didn't take away from the film all that much since the premise wasn't all that elaborate. That's fine, I guess. Doesn't hurt to throw in a little 'creature'-like element. Again, there's some silly gore, a guy getting a power drill chucked at his face and there's some flesh-eating. "The Loved Ones" is worth checking out.

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