Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Splinter (2008, Toby Wilkins)

I put off seeing this one for a quite a while. Not sure why - I guess the idea of this one didn't really peak my interest and to be honest, given all the positive buzz I had heard on it, I was kinda let down...

A reasonably hot chick and her stereotypical nerd boyfriend's camping trip fails so on their way to a motel they are unlucky enough to pull over for another couple who take them hostage. They end up hitting some unidentifiable animal in the road. Eventually, they make their way to a gas station where they are attacked by a mangled body that comes flailing out of the restroom, covered in porcupine-like spikes. Seems that whomever is stuck with one of these spikes loses control of their body, causing them to bend and break and go nuts...

"Splinter" isn't the worst thing I've ever seen, it just followed too closely with other more recent flicks like "The Ruins", "Cabin Fever", and the "Feast" movies. There's a few splattery moments and the effects are rather good from what I could see, but the fucking overuse of shaky-cam was absolutely enraging! Every time the goddamn contorted creature was on screen the fucking camera bounced around so much there was no way to tell what was happening.

A little entertaining, but one you could afford to skip.

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