Thursday, October 6, 2011

Snowballs (2011, Harmony Korine)

"Snowballs" is yet another deeply haunting short film from master auteur director Harmony Korine. It centers around two women dressed in Native American garb with totally blank, inhuman facial expressions. They hang out around a tee-pee in the woods, drink from milk jugs, and dance down the street. Next, they are seen randomly sitting with an old, bug-eyed man who babbles pervertedly before laying down with an oxygen mask strapped to his face...

Like many of Korine's films, "Snowballs" has no narrative structure. It's a series of small "events" seen over a strange, chipmunk sounding voice that sings a bizarre song. Like I said, it's a haunting and mysterious short that is clearly interpretive of something Korine's fucked up brain felt the need to express. At least, based on the film maker's current body of work and unique, visionary outlook, that is what I believe. Do check this out!

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