Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bloody Moon (1981, Jesus Franco)

Decent enough slasher re-tread from Jess Franco about a Spanish language teaching boarding school full of European broads who are being killed off by a mystery wacko. There's some shit about a red herring with a disfigured face who's released from a mental hospital into the hands of his greedy sister, whom he shares an incestuous relationship with. Also got a full-blown retard grounds keeper and a guy who is inexplicably irresistible to women...

"Bloody Moon" ain't too bad - just standard slasher material with some hot ladies who are occasionally topless, though I really expected a little more nudity considering this IS a Franco film. The gore factor is okay. Had to chuckle at that phony fucking circular saw lopping off that cheezy mannequin head. It does drag on a little and that awful musical score really wore on my nerves.

Mildly recommended for die hard slasher buffs.

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