Saturday, March 2, 2013

9 Days (2011, Samuel M. Johnson)

Not the worst thing I've had Chemical Burn Entertainment send me. Nothing really "special" about "9 Days" in the slightest, but I've had some real TURDS come my way thanks to this particular distributor, so when I get one that's at least watchable, then consider me pleasantly surprised.

A teenage foster home runaway is hitch-hiking to L.A. when she's picked up by a clean-cut looking smart-ass who brings her home and insists she stay the night. That night, he wakes her up and drags her to the basement where he chains her up and explains that she's going to be put through nine days of harsh torture as a way of pulling her into his religious fanaticism. He crudely implants a shock collar device into her spine so he can zap her at will, pours moonshine down her throat, makes her sit in a bathtub of ice, etc...

In terms of 'torture flicks', "9 Days" is FAR from disturbing and offers nothing new. The guy who played the psycho Jesus-freak did a decent job, overall, though I didn't find him all that menacing. Just goofy and laughably annoying. The almost-attractive female lead sheds her clothes here-and-there which was another mild perk, I guess. Still, there's not a whole lot to get enthusiastic about when talking about this flick. Again, when you're talking Chemical Burn releases, you can do a lot worse than this one, but I still wouldn't recommend it...

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