Thursday, February 21, 2013

Drillbit (1992, Alex Chandon)

"Drillbit" is a fun, short, early SOV gore-flick effort from indie UK film maker Alex Chandon (The Sick Room, Inbred). Nothing phenomenal, but for a 30 minute little splatter-punk joint, it's an enjoyable watch...

In a post-apocalyptic future, most of the world has been infected with AIDS which has caused a complete societal breakdown. Then a new drug hits the market that's suppose to be the total cure for AIDS. Turns out, it turns people into zombie-like mutants. A nay-sayer's family is found and brutally murdered by a couple of goons who proceed to kick his ass and pierce his skull with a power-drill. He survives, but the chunk of drillbit lodged in his brain causes him to go berserk and seek revenge against the degenerate stragglers in this crumbled civilization...

The film is VERY cheap looking. No doubt shot on camcorder. Even the text scroll at the beginning is clearly just the kinda shit you could apply manually right on your VHS recorder back in the day. Some of the gore effects are decent. Not GREAT, but passable. There's a strange, 'trippy' scene where a guy transforms into a slimy, puke-spewing creature in the middle of a dance club. Also, a guy gets butt-fucked with a machete and, of course, the stand-out moment that is surly the weirdest, most unexpected thing I could've imagined from something like this... There's a brief moment toward the end where a mutant with a giant, shitting asshole for a head and the biggest, jizz spurting dick I've ever seen is shown devouring a dead woman's entrails. I'd say, just check out "Drillbit" for this amazing "what the fuck!" moment alone! Oh, and Jim Van Bebber does the over-the-top narration that often makes the movie sound like it's just a long movie trailer. I dunno. Anyways, it's some amusing, gory, cheapie shit.

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