Friday, February 15, 2013

Creep Van (2012, Scott W. Mckinlay)

"Creep Van" is a decent enough horror-comedy. It's definitely full of imperfections and stupid as hell, less-than comical moments, considering it was trying for that kinda thing, but I really didn't HATE it, overall.

A guy takes up a dead-end job at a car wash in Detroit. He's tired of having to take the bus every day and hopes of obtaining his own set of wheels before long. After spotting a "For Sale" sign in the window of a rusted out "rape van" (the kind people are immediately suspicious of upon first glance), he calls the given number, thus securing himself as a target for the psychopath owner of the wicked looking vehicle. The movie is intercut with scenes of the van driver - whose face we don't see until the tail end - killing unsuspecting prey with all of these deadly little gadgets he's rigged his interior with, such as a spiked airbag, tightening seatbelts and a steel guillotine-type apparatus in place of the passenger window...

Some of the kill scenes are alright. People getting cartoonishly crushed in half, as in a certain scene that introduces a punker looking chick who beats the shit out of a fat, pervy redneck that was absolutely POINTLESS. Another chick gets her skull caved in by the sliding van door which was kind of funny and a kinky couple get run down during some freaky fuckin'. Some of the practical effects used were good, but there WAS some stupid looking CG gore that bugged me a little. Again, the humor element is a bit exhausting, over-used and out-of-place at times, which is my biggest gripe. The only thing I found a little amusing was the guy losing his mind over Deep Purple's "Machine Head" album. The Swami Ted character was pointless as well as Lloyd Kaufman's obligatory cameo (although THAT'S nothing new). Ah, you also get a few topless broads thrown in, which was fine. "Creep Van" isn't the worst way to waste an evening, I suppose...

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