Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hot Love (1985, Jörg Buttgereit)

"Hot Love" is one of the pre-"Nekromantik" shorts that German auteur Jörg Buttgereit did on good ol' super-8 back in "the day". It's a pretty simple, yet highly off-beat little splatter/love story about a guy (Bernd Daktari Lorenz - from "Nekromantik") who meets a chick at a drunken party and they fall madly in love. Through a consciously corny montage of loving attachment and frolicking we see their relationship building into something serious - until, eventually, the dude comes across his woman in the arms of another man (played by the very Aryan looking Buttgereit) and blows his stack. He storms into the room they're about to start fucking in and gets his ass handed to him by his girl's strapping new lover and tossed out. The lovelorn stooge soon follows his ex-girlfriend out into the woods, knocks her out with a branch and rapes her unconscious form. Later on, he's found with his wrists cut and the chick is apparently knocked up... This leads to a pleasantly strange and violent conclusion that just SCREAMS Buttgereit.

The flick is enjoyable. Seeing a baby spawned through rape vomit up a slimy, mangled creature that swiftly murders two people with a whiskey bottle and hatchet was something I thoroughly appreciated. "Hot Love" isn't as "deep" and moody as his later works, such as "Der Todesking" and "Schramm" or even a few of his other early short films I have seen, but it's a worthy little low-budget horror flick to check out.

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