Monday, May 23, 2011

Night of the Living Jews (2008, Oliver Noble)

Oh cool! Another "Night of the Living Dead" parody! I need more of those like I need my balls cut off. So what just so happens to be the funny gag this time? Hmmm... Jews? Well alright. It's only 20 minutes... And 20 minutes later I STILL don't fucking get it!!

The premise is simply what the title insists: zombie-jews prowling around a rural area and you need pork to kill them. Plus, their "jew curls", when detatched, crawl around like worms. It's a one-joke concept that is never ONCE funny or even slightly amusing. Don't believe me? The "production company" is called HEEB. There is no rhyme or reason for "Night of the Living Jews" to exist. It didn't even have the balls to be offensive. It's just dumb. 'Nuff said...

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