Thursday, April 19, 2018

Terrifier (2017)

I never saw the "All Hallows Eve" anthology, though I DID see the short film, "Terrifier", as a standalone piece before even knowing it was a part of a feature horror collective. I reviewed it so you can go and read that, but I really dug it as a hugely entertaining and gory 20-minute watch that I thought could definitely warrant an extended run-time. Well, we got it and I'm pleased to say: it's as enjoyable and bloody as one could hope.

Two young ladies are accosted by a crazy looking clown after leaving a Halloween party. After an incident at a pizza place - involving the clown getting "fresh" with one of them and being thrown out after painting the restroom with feces - the girls experience car trouble on their way home and, unfortunately for them, the psychotic clown isn't far behind. The rest of the movie is pretty much a Cirque du Sol-bloodbath in an abandoned building.

Don't go into this one expecting anything more than an incredibly psychotic looking clown slaughtering people in some exceptionally gruesome and over-the-top ways. Plot-wise - like the short - there's not much to speak of, though the kills are clearly the meat-n-potatoes here. Hacksaw-on-vag action, skull-smashing, human flaying (pretty creepy scene, might I add...), decapitations, and others. There's also a few things you may not quite see coming as far as weaponry used in the film as well as how the killers' outcome is handled. Speaking of which, they got a different guy to play Art the Clown than in the short and he certainly nails it with the creepy/bat shit insane appearance. The fucking huge grin is priceless. If I had to gripe, I wish they wouldn't have dropped the Halloween 'vibe' so soon. The movie is kept pretty well contained in a small area which doesn't allow for a whole lot of seasonal October atmosphere. Still, slasher fans and gorehounds will get a kick out of "Terrifier". If you're into Adam Green's "Hatchet" series, you'll probably dig this. I definitely foresee a string of sequels in the not-so-far off future.

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