Monday, August 8, 2011

Sex & Fury (1973, Norifumi Suzuki)

In terms of the 'pinky violence' genre, "Sex & Fury" is as high-end as you can probably get when it comes to this kind of Japanese 'sexploitation' material. It's definitely a favorite among fans of this particular 'pink' category and I don't disagree, though I personally prefer Norifumi Suzuki's other film "School of the Holy Beast"...

A small time pickpocket and expert gambler chick witnesses on of her poker buddies being killed for cheating. His dying request is that she rescue his sister from a brothel. This task forces her to assassinate a trio of Yakuza thugs as part of a personal vendetta...

Plenty of nudity, as you would expect, in the form of slow-mo naked sword fighting, girl-on-girl, and other tasty bits of simulated sex and eroticism. The beautiful Swedish goddess Christina Lindberg plays a spy who is forced to infiltrate a political scandal by using - you guessed it - what God gave her! Hell, she even DIES sexy! Plus, that S&M Pocahontas outfit with the whip may've been the HOTTEST thing I have ever gazed upon.

The cinematography is particularly masterful and the storyline and acting are all solid. Still, "Sex & Fury" may not rank as my all time favorite in the genre, but it's certainly an entry you can safely call a "classic" for it's hearty cinematic elements AND, of course, the steamy soft-core goodness that accompanies it. Check it out!

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