Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Bighead (2013, Michael Ling)

In case you're not aware, Edward Lee is a phenomenal horror novelist who specializes in the ultra sick-and-twisted. His 1997 book "The Bighead" has been made into a short film and it's looking like there's a feature in the works. I NEED this to happen!

What you have here is a well-made 25 minute 'sample', if you will, that takes a portion from Lee's book in an obvious attempt to gain funding for a full-length film. We're introduced to a pair of out-of-towner bar floozies who are craving hillbilly dick, a couple of redneck hoodlums mercilessly brutalizing a prostitute and a local legend concerning an inbred mutant with a giant cock that enjoys raping and mutilating folks...

Again, "The Bighead" short isn't a complete 'story', but I must say I am hoping for more. The production quality looks good. Better than I expected and the Bighead creature looks pretty badass. I liked the whole mean-spirited hooker ass-raping and forced shit-eating scene. Well done, as well as the bar room brawling priest (kicking ass for the lord, I suppose). So yeah, I fucking dug "The Bighead"! I just need to see more of him in action.

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